Rolling Hills Hospital

Rolling Hills Hospital is an acute inpatient psychiatric hospital in Oklahoma.  CMS inspection reports have documented 64 separate violations at this facility since Acadia first acquired it in 2012, including “failed practices” related to patient care, staffing, and even failures to investigate allegations of patient abuse.

In 2016 alone, the inspectors discovered that 26 patient deaths went unreported .  A Senior Industry Executive we spoke with told us this is “a huge problem, that’s mind-boggling”.

Two different lawsuits (here, here) were filed in December 2017 against Acadia by guardians of former Rolling Hills patients, one of whom allegedly suffered permanent brain damage after being violently assaulted at the hospital.  The other suit describes how a boy was raped by another patient who had a history of alleged assaults (and has subsequently pled guilty) at an affiliated group home owned and operated by Acadia. The suit alleges that “Acadia ordered its employees to remove security cameras and to destroy video surveillance footage”, failed to report the incident to police, and ejected a state case worker from the premises.  Also, according to the lawsuit, additional reports of sexual assaults triggered government investigations “which resulted in the removal of all DHS [Oklahoma Department of Human Services] children” from the premises. Area media reports confirm that this Acadia facility has indeed been closed.

CMS inspectors also wrote “the hopsital failed to protect patients from neglect”.CMS inspectors also found that “the hospital failed to ensure a registered nurse (RN) supervised and evaluated the nursing care for each patient…this occurred in 28 of 28 open and closed medical records reviewed” Relevant document excerpts include: