Park Royal Hospital

Park Royal is an Acadia Hospital located in Fort Myers, Florida.  Our investigation found a troubling pattern of patient deaths, sexual assaults, understaffing, and operating problems, including:

  •  A 2018 media report that authorities are investigating two patient deaths and a sexual assault.
  • A former Acadia employee was imprisoned after raping 11 patients several years ago.  The hospital missed warning signs and “might have lied to police and lawyers” about the incidents.  Reports of sexual assaults have continued and inspectors found the hospital failed to conduct proper screening for other employees. 
  • A 2017 inspection report found Park Royal “was too short staffed to properly supervise patients, ignored their complaints, and had poor quality control procedures in place”.  A “newly hired risk manager even told regulators she had walked into a ‘hot mess’ of an organization”.
  • Repeated reports of the hospital failing to perform 15 minute checks required to ensure the welfare of patients.  Inspectors in 2014 cited this failure in the death of a patient and a lawsuit filed in 2017 filed by a former vulnerable patient states that she was raped after the hospital failed to perform such checks.
  • The Chief Medical Officer resigned in 2017, reportedly due to concerns about patient care at the facility.
  •  Inspection reports also include violations involving the improper use of restraints, medication errors, and patient care problems.

Relevant document captions include: