Longleaf Hospital

Longleaf Hospital is an inpatient behavioral center in Louisiana.  This facility has numerous inspection deficiencies related to  patient care and staffing problems, including a 2015 “immediate jeopardy” situation.  Acadia appears to have crowded more beds into the facility without adding enough incremental staff.

The facility’s CEO admitted to inspectors he was aware of the ‘broken system’ of the hospital. Longleaf’s Medical Director told inspectors that “it became difficult to staff” the facility because “since the current owners [Acadia] acquired the hospital, they have grown and increased beds by 24. As soon as more beds became available, there was more pressure to admit more patients”.  When inspectors asked a nurse if patient safety incidents at the hospital are connected to inadequate staffing, she stated “it’s absolutely horrendous, they put people on the schedule they know won’t show up, people who aren’t even there”.  Inspectors also found instances of alleged patient abuse and wrote that Longleaf “provided the opportunity for alleged perpetrators to continue to provide direct patient care”.   When inspectors spoke with the facility’s risk manager she “indicated she ‘could cry right now’…she had only been in the position manager of Risk Manager for 5 months and had a 3 day training with corporate staff”.

A malpractice suit filed in 2017 states that “a detective threatened to shut down the Longleaf Hospital” after an adolescent patient was assaulted by Acadia representatives who then “obstructed and prevented several law enforcement officers from entering the facility”.

Relevant document excerpts include: