Cedar Crest Hospital & Treatment Center

Cedar Crest is a psychiatric hospital and treatment center in Texas that treats children, adults, seniors, and veterans.  Government inspection records show a pattern of deficient care, neglect, abuse, and severe understaffing stretching back years.

During an April 2018 CMS inspection of Acadia’s Cedar Crest Hospital in Texas, inspectors chronicled chaos and dozens of incidents of violence, patient assaults, “sexual misconduct”, and escapes.  The inspectors wrote that “units were not staffed to facility staffing standards, often resulting in injuries to both patients and staff as well as patient elopements”.

Staff members told the inspectors that “it’s terrible here. There’s no staff. It’s not safe”, “we have begged for help”, “there’s never enough staff to take care of the patients”.  Another staff member explained that “it’s outrageous…patients physically intervene because we don’t have enough staff on the unit. Sometimes interns are used as subs for staff coveragesometimes we breakdown and cry… The CEO knows what is going on in this hospital. He knows we are understaffed”.  The documents state that incident reports “were not reviewed by the the nurse supervisor because we [Cedar Crest] didn’t have one”.

The CEO of Acadia’s Red River Hospital, a different problematic facility that was the subject of a whistleblower complaint, subsequently became the CEO of Acadia’s Cedar Crest Hospital in April 2014 (and appears to have since been promoted to a Division President).  In 2015, a whistleblower suit was filed alleging that Cedar Crest was billing Medicare, Tricare, and private insurers for phantom services. The whistleblower alleged that the hospital falsified patient records before state audits and experienced retaliation after reporting the malfeasance to Acadia’s corporate compliance department.

In 2015, a former employee pleaded guilty to molesting a 16 year old patient.

Relevant excerpts from documents include: