Aurelius Value is a pseudonym of an investor that focuses on researching companies that are misrepresenting themselves to investors.  We are short Acadia Healthcare (NASDAQ: ACHC).

We believe that Acadia’s existence makes the world a worse place because its business model depends on acquiring facilities and then degrading care, a losing proposition that victimizes patients.  While senior executives have reaped personal financial windfalls, Acadia has been able to conceal the extent of its problems because the public hadn’t connected the dots between the vast number of disparate public documents and local news reports that repeatedly detail deaths and assaults at problematic Acadia facilities across the country.  Also, many of Acadia’s victims are young, disabled, or suffer from serious disorders that makes it difficult for them to sue the company or publicize what happened to them.

We believe the true nature of Acadia’s business practices must be exposed and and have dedicated this site to that objective.